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MSI gtx 560 ti wont work

Hello everyone
Yesterday I built my first gaming pc, I installed everything, my mobo works, ram, cpu, fans, etc. Except my gpu, it is the MSI gtx 560 ti twin frozr II OC, whenever i try to connect the DVI cable to it, my monitor wont recognize the card, also when i use CPU-Z it wont be recognized as well, also i have tried to install the driver but they dont recognize the card!!!!. I have connected just one 6 pin PCI-E connector (i dont know if i have to connect 2), I installed it on the PCI-E 2.0 slot.

My pc specs:
-Core i5 3570
-Kingston Hyper X DDR3 8gb 16000mhz
-Asus P8H77 V LE
-Corsair TX 850w v2

Sorry for my grammar.
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    Both 6 pin PCIe power leads need to be plugged in.
  2. Mousemonkey is correct. You need to plug both connectors in. It should work then.
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