Is a upgradeworth while

Hello firstly I know barely nothing about computers so please bare with me , basically recently I havnt been happy with my system and have been having issues since switching to windows 8 pro from vista ultimate and was curious what people such as you fine people here thought if I need to upgrade or not. If you have any recommendations or advice please let me know, money is not an issue but I don't want to waist it on small gain .

asus hd 5870
8 gb corsair dominator
corsair H50 hydro cooler
corsair TX650 w power supply
Raven sst-rv02b-w Box
maximus formular 111
intel(R) Core (TM) i7 860 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz
64 bit windows 8

p.s my bios for motherboard is 2104 and my installed memory shows 8 GB (4GB usable ) ???

like I said im noob so please be gentle with any instructions :)
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  1. No need to make more than one post for the same question.
  2. What are the issues you are having since switching to win 8?
  3. Firstly sorry for double post it was an accident I typed first one before I joined the site didn't realise it was posted wont happen again.

    @ Outlander firstly im concerned about that ram issue I use my pc mainly for gaming bf3 mainly since switching OP after hour or so it lags out then Bf3 stops ,doesn't seem to be hot only started when I switched

    also now I cant install any of my ROG or asus programs as I get error saying not compatible so now I cant even OC the board with turbo mode auto Oc which I need as Im a noob lol, I got good motherboard but cant use it that's why I was thinking of upgrade to start over from scratch
  4. Have you checked the Asus page for your motherboard to see if there are updated Win 8 drivers for your motherboard?
    If there are, then download and install them .

    Same for your graphics card . Get the latest Win 8 driver

    Generally Im finding Win 8 uses less RAM than 7 . Are you sure you are running out of RAM?
    You can test this by starting the game and setting it to run in a window . With task manager running too you can see how much RAM is being used

    Even if you have done all that I think you may have installed the wrong version of Win 8 . If its reporting it cant use all 8 gig you may have installed the 32 bit version
  5. crossfire that S&*%!
  6. if I right click computer/ properties / system type - 64 bit operating system, 64 bit -based processor so I assume I installed right version & I have both x86 program files, program files.

    I am currently reinstalling bf3 so I cant test it , memory shows 8 GB (4GB usable ) shouldn't it state 8 GB usable

    installed catalyst 13.1 so drivers should be up to date I will make another thread about this in the appropriate section to trouble shoot that issue .

    Back to point about the upgrade worth it or not ?

    @ 29065, not worth crossfire I don't think I am in China hard to get hold of another hd 5870 as they are outdated not sure probably need to upgrade some other stuff to run it all for outdate system, im not big fan of dual cards rather 1 powerful one I am guessing it would save on heat and power
  7. was thinking of upgrading

    i7 860 to i5 3570k

    maximas formular 111 to p8z77-v pro

    asus hd 5870 to inno gtx 670 Hercules

    the reason for motherboard upgrade is to make it windows 8 compatible

    any comments ???
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