Another "Upgrade to the 690 or wait" thread

Well here it is, I have a GTX 590 currently and it performs like a monster. I love it, but I just RMA'd it as one of the DVI ports broke and they straight up replaced it with a brand new card. I'm wondering if I should just sell this since it's brand new and grab a 690 or if I should just stick with this one and wait for the 790. I wouldn't even be thinking about this if it weren't for the amount of heat this thing creates. Even at low - medium load it runs at 80c+. I have monster fans and great airflow in my case but I cant get this card to cool down. From what I've seen even at load the 690 doesn't go much above 50-70.

SO: Cost aside, what do you think? Should I wait for the 790 or just grab a 690 now?
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  1. Hmm why not wait for 890?! :P Just kidding...I would sell the unopened replacement and wait for 790...maybe get a low end card for the wait if you have a lot of patience :D
  2. I've got an old 6850 in right now, I just miss my third monitor.
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