New gaming pc build. review?

intel core i5-3570K

asus p8z77-v

Thermaltake SMART Series 750W 80PLUS Bronze Certified Continuous Power ATX12V V2.3 Active PFC ATX 750 Power Supply SP-750M

16gb ram

windows 7

1 tb hard drive

120 gb ssd

EVGA geforce gtx 670 ftw
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  1. A dual channel kit of 8GB(2x4GB) ram 1600 mhz at 1.35-1.5v is suffice.
    I'd ditch that psu, it's not a good one, there're better psus out there, from brands like antec,xfx, seasonic,pc power and cooling, super flower, corsair.
  2. other than that, it sounds like a good build?
  3. Yes, it's seems good, though, i don't know what's the brand/model of the ssd.
  4. crucial
  5. Then it's fine.
  6. should this build be able to pretty much play everything on ultra with good fps? if not what would it be able to do?
  7. Yes.
  8. sweet lol thanks!
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