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I have a SMC Rogers router and need to extend the range due to dead spots in house. I have purchased a D-Link N300 dir-615 router . can i just hook it to the eathernet lines I have on the second floor to extend range of the wireless network? How do I set it up IP address for best results? concerned that 2 IP addresses would not work at same time??
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  1. Yes, you need to configure the DLink in wireless access point mode.

    Turn off the DLink DHCP service, in your Rogers router give the DLink a static address in the network range but outside the DHCP server assignment range, use two different radio channels than your Rogers router, and use the same SSID and WPA2 security code on each.

    Then attach it to the router LAN port to LAN port with a segment of CAT 5e cable.

    Refer to "Connect to another router" in Section 2 of your DLink user manual, which describes the basic setup.

    You can use more than one in this mode to expand your wireless coverage area as needed.
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