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Issue with selecting 75hz on radeon 7870

my graphic card works good, but my monitor supports 75hz at 1080p resolution, except i have no option to change it in display

properties. anybody know a fix on how to add that 1080p resolution in the amd control settings with 75hz it only shows 60hz max,

muy monitor is the samsung 23.5 inch s24b300, thanks because its hard on my eyes and i remember that 75hz was easier on my yes on the previous monitor i owned.

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  1. Refresh rates are monitor specific, not video card specific. Install the monitor drivers and you should be able to choose a higher refresh rate.
  2. i installed the right driver, but is it hdmi caping it at 60hz, whats hdmi highest refresh rate at 1080p, i know computers but not an monitor master. thanks
  3. Read the manual: "6-23 Specifications" says "Maximum resolution 1920x1080@60Hz". 75Hz is only supported for lower resolutions.
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    Neither of the vga or hdmi connections has enough bandwidth to do 75hz at 1080p.
  5. so what should i use, theres only hdmi and dsub
  6. It means you can't do it.
  7. yeah thats fine, was just making shur, thanks
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