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Hd7850 OC problem

Hello, i have a problem with my hd7850 OC..i played assassin creed 3 on high setting..but when i set anti-aliasing into very high setting, i can see the spiky line occur at the edge of the object..not screen tearing.. very serious spiky/colourless line..but the gameplay still it my gpu faulty??

below is the link image of my gpu problem
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  1. change the anti aliasing mode, its some driver issue
  2. when i change the antialiasing mode into high instead very high..the spiky line disappear .. but why i cant set it into very high?? is it my gpu prob or driver prob??or ,y gpu not good enough to play in all very high setting..??
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    its a driver problem, wait for better ati catalyst drivers to come out and apply patches to the game
  4. to hear driver problem..because i just bought it about 3 days ago...thanks alvine
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