PC Mark 7 score is low

Hi all

Is this a low score or is it about right for this set up?

I scored 3081 on basic benchmark (didnt tick anything just ran the original set up)

My rig is

Asrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard
FX-6100 Cpu oc to 4.1ghz
HD 7770 GPU
700W powercool PSU
16Gb Ripjaw 1333mhz DDR 3 ram
60gb sata ii SSD
1tb HDD western

thanks guys
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  1. At 4.1 Ghz you might be able to get a score of like 3500 but that's about it. The fx-6100 wasn't really a very good CPU and the fx-6300 is considerable better.
  2. i just bought the Fx-6100 as well. looks like im after a new one then.
  3. What are you planning to use the computer for?
  4. gaming I currently have 2 HD7770 Crossfired and it seems to do well but when ever i score it on benchmarks it always seems low
  5. This build will be fine for gaming. 1 better card would have been optimal to 2 low end cards. For example 2x7770s is like the same price as 1 7870 but the 7870 will perform better.

    16gb of RAM is a waste for anything besides video encoding because games only use MAX 4gb. 8gb is the sweet spot for a gaming rig. also your RAM should be 1600mhz not 1333mhz. You won't really notice a difference but it cost the same.

    Don't worry about your CPU. It will be fine for gaming.

    Also, your PSU is of low quality and you might want to consider replacing it with a unit from Antec, XFX, Corsair, or Seasonic.
  6. well i currently have £150 in spare cash and would be graftful if you could recommend some upgrades for me :-)
  7. A petter PSU. Won't change gameplay at all but will be better piece of mind knowing your components are tied to a low reliability PSU.

    If you can, sell your GPUs and get one 7950.

    That should use most of the budget.
  8. cool thanks Will see what i can get for my GPU's as i still have box's and extras
  9. Should be able to get like 85-90 percent of what you paid.
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