Is this an upgrade? Also is it MoBo compatible?

Old GPU:

New GPU:

Is this an upgrade, from 1x1.
(I'm buying two 7950's, but would one still be an upgrade?)

Also are the new GPU's MoBo Compatible?

Power Supply:
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  1. one would be fine, in theory u have 2 pci 16x slots, im unshur about crossfire support and how it works, but u do have 2 slots avaible, id ask a second opinion,

    also whats ur power supply because u should make shur u have enought juice to power a crossfire 7950 setup :)

    will await ur reply thanks.
  2. you will see a night and day improvement in game performance...the question is can your current power supply support the top dog amd card power wise

    im using 7970 on the same mobo...pcie 3.0 is backwards compatible so it will work
  3. so with a crossfire bridge ribon adapter thing it should work for him, sorry if i look noob but i have 0 experience with crossfire.

    and yes pci-e is backwards compatible but what powersupply does he own thats the question.
  4. that should be enought juice to power those 2 in crossfire,

    but id ask a second opinion just to make shur, but im pretty shur its enought juice .
  5. @alvine what do you think?
  6. The performance will improve by around 50%. If you got 40 fps on your GTX 560 Ti, you'll get around 60 on HD 7950.
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