Hello. recently i bought a fresh new gaming computer with the parts i wanted but unfortunally i got one of the famous sapphire 7870 cards that would make me get black screen randomly so i sent it back.
Now I see i am not aware of what GPU i should buy and don't want to get the same problems again...
Can i get some advices? Anything up to 250 € is what i am looking for, my system supports crossfire but not SLI.
My setup : I5 3570K
8gb ram
1 tb seagate hdd
Corsair 650w PSU

I don't think i will buy anything from sapphire from now on because my GPU was 1 month in their possession to fix it and i got no answer back so the place where i bought it (pixmania) gave me the money back.
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  1. i wanted to say GFX in every single place i wrote GPU.... but now it doesnt allow me to edit or remove thread... oh well...
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