Can't get GPU to display anything

I just recently build a new build and I've installed the drivers for my sapphire radeon hd 6870.
However, when I try to start the computer with the monitor plugged into the card, I get nothing. The GPU fan is spinning and I have it plugged into a 600w PSU. The computer works fine without the GPU in, but it won't start with it. I have the bios set to detect a GPU before onboard graphics so I don't know what the problem is.
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  1. Follow this guide:

    If you still have trouble send us your full specs and symptoms.....
  2. specs are:
    intel core i5-3570k ivy bridge 3.4ghz
    intel 330 series 240gb SSD
    MSI H77Ma-G43 motherboard
    sapphire radeon HD 6870 GPU
    Thermalake 600W PSU
    patriot 16gb 1600mhz RAM

    The computer works fine without the graphics card plugged in. It wont display anything if i try to turn it on with the graphics card in it. I installed the drivers from the GPU's CD and even tried the ones on the AMD website. I don't know what I am doing wrong.
  3. Can you check the card in another PC? It may be dead and that's a way to see. Your specs look good but there's obviously something wrong....
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