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I was thinking of build this for a friend that would be only using light applications and watching YouTube videos and playing a couple of games, but nothing new.
How is it?
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  1. You will need more memory, and the speed... You are overclocking to get to 1866 on that board. The crucial ballistic is good memory but I'd go with this board:

    Same price but you have four memory slots and don't have to OC to get to 1866. If you are running on the APUs graphics you will need all the extra memory you can get.
  2. Most discrete GPUs are better than the APUs if you can push a cheaper discrete (such a a 7770 or a 650) it would add ALOT of power to the system, unless he (or she) will be using it for browser based games.
  3. Would it be better to get more RAM or faster RAM, because I have seen multiple article that show that have faster RAM is really worth it for the APU's.
    Also I need to keep the cost under $400 so I can't get a discrite GPU, though in the future I may add one for him.
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