Apartment complex has horrible internet. Any suggestions?

The apartment complex I recently moved into has internet provided by Hotwire Communications. It's somewhat decent throughout the day but during the night 10pm - 1am (which I'm guessing is peak usage time) it gets horrible.

Here's a ping test I ran from one of the nights that I saved, but I don't even think that does it justice.


It seems like I'm experiencing closer to a whopping 2 second input delay in online games. I'm guessing this is a bandwidth related issue considered it only occurs during certain hours, but I'm not sure I don't know as much as a lot of the people on this forum :)

Anyway, besides getting the apartment complex to do something on their end (they really suck), is there ANYTHING I can do to improve performance on my end? Any tweaks or anything?

Thanks so much!
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  1. No, unfortunately the complex needs to contact Hotwire and have them see if they can do anything, which is unlikely since it sounds like the biggest issue is too many users for the bandwidth available at peak times.

    Your only real alternative to fix the problem is get your own service -- check CLEARWIRE and if you are in a BEST coverage area pay the money for the service, but only if you are in a best coverage area so that you get fast low latency service. I've used it and it is great in a best coverage zone, otherwise it is not an alternative either.
  2. Unfortunately, I am not in a BEST coverage area :(

    Any other tweaks or options? Even if they are really marginal?
  3. Is it a wired or wireless delivered signal at your complex?

    If wireless, talk to neighbors in different areas of the building and ask them if they have the same issue.

    You might be able to use a directional antenna to get a better signal in that case. If it is wired, you are pretty much out of luck unless the complex allows you to install a different provider, which most do not.
  4. It's hardwired :(
  5. I figured that it probably was wired, my nephew had the same issue, fixed bandwidth and too many users at particular times. His apartment complex was no help and the Internet provider wouldn't assist him, said to go talk to his apartment manager.
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