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New Monitor is such a hard decision. Help? :-)

Ok So I want to buy a new monitor. Right now I have 2-24"asus 60hz lcd monitors. My Graphics cards are 580's in sli. I was looking and wanted the first one(link), then I saw the second link for resolution and then the 3rd link was my last. Out of these 3 which one should I buy? I mainly use this computer for gaming. :??:

27" 144hz-3d- but only 1080-

27"120hz-no 3d- resolution@2560x1440

27"60hz-no 3d- resolution@2560x1440-Dell Ultrasharp.
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    If you're looking for the best 3D monitor that will also play great in 2D, then you should choose between the BenQ XL2420T and the ASUS VG278H. Both incorporate nVidia's 3D Vision 2 with 3D LightBoost which greatly improves the overall 3D experience.

    While the BenQ doesn't disappoint as far as specifications with a 2ms response time, 120Hz refresh rate, low input lag, and a great picture, The XL2420T comes with a lot of other features built-in to this monitor specifically for gamers including FPS Mode, RTS Mode, Intuitive OSD, S. Switch;Height Adjustment, and Game Mode Loader.

    If you just want this monitor for the 2D technology, then you might want to consider its predecessor, XL2410T, which is significantly cheaper and has many of the same features as the XL2420T, but has nVidia 3D Vision rather than 3D Vision 2.
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