Motherboard graphics card support

will a support a
MSI HD7770 OVERCLOCK 1GB 128bit DualLink DVI HDMI 1.4a 2x Mini DP
sorry for short centance have to decide within 10 minutes :/
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  1. It has a PCI Express x16 slot so yes it will. Make sure you have a quality PSU for it.
  2. What would you call Quality? how many Watt's
  3. Anything from a reputable brand. Wattage will depend on other components too. What do you currently have?
  4. I honistly don't know, but i have ran a 660TI before?
  5. If it could power the GTX 660 Ti, then it has more than enough power for the HD 7770. We still can't say if it's a quality PSU without knowing the model or brand. I just brought it up to make sure you had enough cables and power to run the card.
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