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Hi Gang,

I have a piece of hardware (audio device) with Ethernet network access only. I'd like to give it to my users and have them connect via Wifi. But configuring a Wifi bridge for each use is too onerous. I'm looking for a wireless bridge device with a display and keypad that allows the user to scan, select and associate with a wifi router, then bridge the wireless network to ethernet so I can attach my device.

Does such an animal exist? Price is not a major factor.
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  1. Sure, use a wireless bridge like THIS for example.
  2. Thanks Realbeast, but not really fitting the bill. A standard bridge is designed for one-time installation, hence it requires you use a computer to initally set it up. To use those devices, you must interact with a web page fed by the device. This isn't possible in my scenario. The usage scenario must be like the way a smartphone associates with Wifi i.e. a hardware user interface on the device, which will scan and display the available wifi networks, and allow the user to select one via a button press on the device.
  3. Not that I am aware of -- even the simplest device (Squeezebox) requires a computer connection.
  4. I wasn't aware a Squeezebox could do this at all. I know it can be done with a laptop via Windows ICS, but that's also a real pain to configure. Love to hear of anything else out there.
  5. I can't think of anything think like your looking for, the easiest thing I can think of, is to get a portable access point as well as a bridge, Then you can just plug the portable access point in to existing networks, and the bridge will auto connect up to the portable access point. Only problem is, you need to to have access to a wired connection.
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