Dream Computer for Music Production (and leisure [i.e. gaming])

I, about a year and a half ago, started getting interested in music production (I started with iPhone apps [don't judge me] and I rapidly made my way up to now have FL Studio and all of the Image-Lines synths [and a hundred free ones from various {maybe not do great} sources :whistle: ]). I have a Lenovo G570 laptop (i3, 4GB ram, 500g hard drive ) and I can't get more than six or seven effects going in even one mixer track without my cpu spiking, audio glitching, video freezing, and most of my programs bugging out and having to be closed from the task manager :pfff: .
As I have been devoting most to all of my (not always so free) time to making music and would love to continue, but with a taped up, worn down, hardly run-off-the-mill laptop - I physically can't get any farther than just tweaking a couple synths and adding a compressor and equalizer in the mixer :sweat:. My parents are giving me some money, and giving me access to the money in my bank account that is usually off-limits, for a "dream" desktop that will be able to handle average quality music production, relatively high-quality gaming (not anything necessarily top-of-the-line, but so that turning the graphics to the best quality in BF3 [or Crysis 3 when it comes out] will not make it burst into flames and burn down the house [unfortunately, due to past experiences with overheating machinery, I am only being 86% sarcastic :sarcastic:] ).
I have been asking around and doing some research but I really don't even know exactly what I'm looking for yet, I am not even sure if I need a custom build, let alone what parts. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
I have $3000 limit give or take a few hundred.
Thank you,
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  1. If you only need the tower: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/BzpX
    If you need the tower and peripherals: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Bzs8
  2. Spartin503 said:
    If you only need the tower: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/BzpX
    If you need the tower and peripherals: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Bzs8

    That's an okay build I suppose. You still had a lot more to spend, though.

    Here's what I propose:


    This pretty much maxes out what you can get for 3000. I put Win8 in there because that's what I use and highly recommend it over Win7, but some of your program's might run a bit better on Win7 due to some compatibility issues, but I have never had any. Also, I didn't include any peripherals, so if you need those, I can readjust it.

    The reason I threw in two 7970's was because I was assuming you would want to go with multiple monitors to maximize productivity, if not then drop the 2nd card.
  3. Might want to fill out this form, it will give us the info needed to best help you.

    Just know that for what your asking, $3000 is a lot more than you need to spend. My advice would be spend $1500-2000 on the rig, and invest the rest into getting a nice keyboard, mouse, sound system and monitors. Hell, even a new chair or desk might be a good move if you think this might become more than a hobby.
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