What to buy and why?

Looking for a laptop. Have researched wayyy tooo many and am even worse at deciding than I was before i started....

Looking at ASUS, ACER, MAC, or anything else that could be good.

Requirements: 1080p, 13-16" screen, dont care if its ssd or not, backlit keyboard, generally good quality....I know, its a lot.

I have been focused on ASUS but i know there are others that are great...

Advice? Or machines to look at?

Thanks to all in advance!
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  1. one other thing you may want to know.....Daily using for surfing, some games but not serious ones, charts, graphs, photos etc...speed is a need as well...

    Thanks again
  2. Budget, usage and preferences is all we really need to know.

    Im no expert on individual laptops, so I cant recommend any particular one, but I can point you in the general area to be looking at.

    For what your looking for, I think something like an Ultrabook is what your after.
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