PC BSOD, Bootlooping.

Hi everyone,

My pc i built around 1-2 months ago just BSOD, and gave the error message "An attempt was made to write to read only memory".
This happened when i was playing bf3. I recently over clocked my i5-3570k to 4.2ghz, around 5 days ago, but i dont see how this could be a problem as it was stable using prime95, good voltage and temps.

Anyway, now when i try to boot up the pc, everything will turn on, fans start spinning, and then it will keep trying to restart, it will not even show the BIOS when starting up, nothing comes up on the screen, and i have tried using the graphics card and internal graphics cards HDMI output.

The Asrock extreme4 z77 mobo shows the error code 4F when bootlooping, and sometimes when the system stays on, which has happened twice, it will display the error message 3b or 36, hard to make out which one.

I have tried unplugging the hard drive, but windows is on my SSD so i cant unplug that..

I have also tried clearing the CMOS, but that just reboots the computer and does not seem to have any effect.

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. just removed a stick of ram, and the pc will.now boot - so i think the problem is my ram stick died somehow - g.skill ripjawz x . The thing is , is that it must have corrupted my ssd as well when it died and crashed the pc... now on bootup it says "bootmgr is corrupt", even when trying to boot from my windows cd.
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