Extreme build

Maybe advice on where to go from here
Processer 3930 intel LGA2011
Case: thermaltake Snow edition Level 10 GT
Memory: 16 gigs corsair vengeance
M/B: Asus p7x79 deluxe
Cooling: corsair H100
SSD Samsung 840 pro 256
HDD Velicoraptor 1tb 10000Rpm
Monitor: Asus vg278h 3d
GPU: please help not sure yet
Power supply recs?
And so on


Any advice, changes, or additions greatly appreciated. Not gonna stray much from above. Unless convinced.
Will continually update till build is done. And then some
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  1. Why do you need such an extreme rig? Do you actually need the power or are you just getting performance for performance's sake?

    GPU, Sapphire Vapor-X HD7970 Ghz is the best single GPU card you can get right now.

    PSU: Given that you would have at least two cards in this given its extreme-ness, at least an 850W on this build. If three cards, then 1000W. Dont bother with four cards.
    Get a unit from Seasonic, XFX or Corsair.
  2. Extreme is too loosely thrown around....... Clearly extreme people aren't worried about power supply. Simple cooling and wattage 850w unless I overload with SLI. The plan with graphics usage initially.
    Incredible monitor for Gaming and main display: asus vg278
    2nd monitor: multitasking basic monitor
    3rd pioneer elite tv: movies

    That's the plan how should I set it up both cost effective but in the extreme realm without overdoing it
    GPU set up advice kind community?
  3. Just know, that as you get higher up the performance ladder, the more it costs each time to go up a rung. The words "Extreme" and "Cost-Effective" do not go hand in hand. You can build a top-of-the line gaming rig for about $1500, you dont need to spend ridiculous amounts to get good performance.

    Might want to fill this out, will clear up what you actually want from the rig.
  4. Thank you very little. So again since the sentence was unclear. Best GPU for above rig? Maybe i'll use the word mid range instead of cost effective and dare not use the word extreme. Maybe I'll fill the form out in the future.
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