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General IBuyPower questions and the Revolt?

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February 5, 2013 5:31:29 AM

I am looking to either build or buy my cousin a gaming rig that will save him some money. He saw the Revolt and immediately took a liking to it. I have heard some not so good things about IBP and was wondering what others experiences with them have been, be it positive or negative. Anything helps. There is no set budget yet, but keeping it as low as possible money wise will be best.

He wants to be able to play games on high/ultra for the best performance per dollar I can find him. I actually like the Revolt myself but again, things don't sound awesome so far. My main questions are, how is their QC, support and general build quality on some of their other products (seeing as I don't think these have shipped yet?) and finally, is the Revolt upgradable at all?

I read a few things and it sounds like it uses a standard mITX mobo and standard GPU. I think I heard from someone that they use a special part to be able to rotate the GPU but that the motherboard is pretty standard.

Is any of the above true? Are you able to just get the Revolt with possibly all the lowest components and not get a GPU then just use the chasis and certain parts you actually liked and replace the rest?

Might not sound very cost efficient, just a general question really.

So, who's got some answers for me?

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February 6, 2013 2:06:33 AM

Its pretty reasonably priced. It can be upgraded to a gtx 680. I love these kind of pc's, small yet so powerful and in a unique design. Its got some overclocking room if you get the one with the biggest psu.

The gpu is mounted 90 degrees so it will lay along the motherboard to make a thinner pc.

Im pretty sure you can get the lowest one then upgrade as you like. Like upgrading the cpu from i3 to i7 then putting a good graphics card in there.