S3 Virge DX/GX Driver needed for Win7 x64

Hi - Yep, I know the S3 has well had it's day - but works great with a driver I found for WinXP - now added a 2nd HD - Seagate 300GB, and want to run Win7 x64 on it - I've recently upgraded the rest of the system is no prob's - Just don't really wanna have to stump up more cash unless it's absolutely necessary!

I know S3 stopped developing drivers for the Virge years ago but was hoping someone of you genuis's might just know a site that's got a driver that'll work - at the moment it loads Win7, but just in a yucky 800x600, 16 colour nightmare!

If I am asking too much - any suggestions for a reasonable PCIE card, without a hefty price tag would be very welcome - I'm not a gamer so don't need any extravagancies - just for desktop use - web browsing, mail, office etc.


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  1. give psu model and power, motherboard so could help you find a card
  2. You can try Vista drivers if you can find them, most are Windows 7 compatible. The hard part will be finding x64. Google search and start digging my friend.
  3. they stop support in 2006 nt is max driver for this card
  4. Then PSU model and mobo/CPU and we can help find a card like scout said :)
  5. Ok, thanks for your replies guys - Mobo = Asus M4A77T, with an AMD PhenomII X6 1055T CPU, along with the other weak point of the setup - an Octigen 400W (Model# 116196PostGatx) PSU. The total output power Max is rated as 379W - over the +3V, +5V, +12V (rails?), and total output of the +3.3V and +5V "shall not exceed 235W.

    As obvious I'm not a whizz when it comes to PSU's and the power ratings etc! -

    This is actually a backup PSU I had to bung in after a so called "repair shop" who shall remain nameless until I've confronted them, managed to format a HD - with FAT32 for some reason - and nick my Enermax 425W Modular PSU! (= 1st and last time I EVER take a PC to a so called repairs specialist! - Only did it 'cos I was ill, and not thinking straight!)

    OK, rant over - think from a quick scout that I've had that a £50 or pref' sub £50 should get me what I need - but you guys know alot more than me!


  6. be around if you need more help
  7. 400W is usually enough for most GPUs. I'd browse around newegg first and find one that initially appeals to you and link it here for our 'inspection', hehe. Try the nVidia 500 series or AMD/ATI 6000 series.
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