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Hello, i was wondering is this setup good for gameing?
Should i buy dual channel memory?
also can the old hdd affect gameing?

Computer Specs are:
Motherboard: AsRock 960GM-GS3 FX
Cpu: AMD Phenom x4 965
(Cpu Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper TX3)
Ram: PATRIOT 4GB 1600MHZ CL11 DIMM 512*8 config (using single slot only)
PSU: Chieftec GPA-500s8 500W 80PLUS
GPU: Asus Radeon HD6670 1GB GDDR5
HDD: somekind of old 80gb IDE 5400rpm but health is good according to HDDtunes.
Win7 ultimate 64bit
and resolution im playing is 1280 x 1024
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  1. It will run games, but you wont get great FPS with a 6670... Dont expect AA either.
  2. It's not worse, but you could have a better system for your resolution. If you could buy dual channel memory, then go ahead, just get more gigs this time. Weathered (slow) HDDs will affect your games' loading time. Are you planning to upgrade your rig?
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