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So my friend has all of his pc components for his new build and now only needs the graphics card. He is willing to pay anywhere between $250 and $300 after a rebate. He will be gaming at 1080p and would prefer to play games at high settings. He has no preference between AMD or Nvidia, and neither do I.

For this price I was thinking either a 660ti or 7950. Now, at stock, I believe both will perform extremely similarly, to the point where you would be hard pressed to notice the difference.

So, which 7950's and 660ti's would you recommend for the price? One thing I noticed is that most 7950's come with 3 free games, while most 660ti's come with assassins creed 3, but he already has that for PS3.
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  1. 7950 those oc like crap you can easily gte gtx 670 performance with a 7950 just go for a 7950
  2. Best card for you within that budget :

    Unless you prefer amd and the games in question :

    Note : i prefer nvidia, it has better drivers(more mature), more stability, more smoothness, lower power consumption, exclusive features(physX,txaa,adaptive vsync) and more percentile fps.
  3. Well, the Tom's Hierarchy Chart puts the 7950 above the 660ti, and I think 7950 compares better to the 670 rather than the 660ti. The more I think about it, with the 7950 he gets slightly more performance(possibility of a bit more than slight when you factor in OC), and better games. If he already has Assassins Creed 3 then the 7950 seems a little better, I just don't know.

    I tend to like Nvidia more as well(I own a 680), but AMD seems to be better in this situation. The extra features of Nvidia are nice, but for someone who is brand new to PC gaming, I don't feel they will make a difference.

    If performance is the same, for me the 7950 is looking better. And that Saphire one is what I was thinking.

    Any other thoughts?
  4. There's no better than that for the price, either the 660ti gigabyte or the 7950 sapphire.

    You could check some facts here that may help you decide or not :
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