Was the AMD 7950 with $300?

I'm seriously not happy with my investment. I had a GTX 550TI and an i5 2400, I upgraded the 550ti to an AMD 7950 and here is basically have the same FPS.

Far Cry 3
GTX 550ti: 32-34FPS max
AMD 7850: Around 70FPS

Basically a 40FPS boost for $300, is that normal or am I expecting too much?

GTX 550TI: 50FPS when looking out from Dragonsreach
AMD 7950: Pretty much same FPS

Is Skyrim more CPU intensive?

Black Ops 2
GTX 550ti: Around 125FPS mostly, lowest FPS probably 60-80
AMD 7850: Around 180FPS, lowest probably 120 or 100FPS.

I'm not really sure how many FPS I get in BO2 since I can't pay attention that much but shouldn't I be getting more FPS? Should I return my card and get an i7? Is my i5 2400 bottlenecking the 7950? Is my PSU not giving enough power, I have an OC modXstream 600w PSU
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  1. well your psu is good skyrim is definitely not cpu intensive
  2. Why am I getting the same FPS? I can't even get more than 60FPS I think, I have Vsync turned off. Is my card defected or something? Would it better to invest In an i7?
  3. have you installed latest drivers
  4. Yup 12.11
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