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Cpu and compatibility question

Hey, I'm going to upgrade some parts of my rig but I need to make sure that this psu can provide enough power for the parts and that the mother board is compatible with the cpu.
I tried my hardest to figure it own via research, but i gave up and decided to ask the experts.



Help, please? i'd really appreciate it.
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    Yea your fine, 550W is plenty of power.

    That chip can consume 125W under load, and in a worst case scenario the mobo/RAM will consume 30W. From reviews, a 660 will consume roughly 200W under load, which is about right for a mid-range card.

    So a worst case scenario has ~355W being drawn on the 12v rail, considering that Seasonic PSU can give up to 540W on the 12v, I think your all good.
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  3. That was amazing, thank you. I love how you broke it down for me.
    Is there anyway i can give you positive karma or something?
  4. You already did.
    There's a points system on the forums, posting gets us something like 3 points, and a best answer gets 20, more points equals a better rank. And if I didn't already have a gold Systems badge, would also contribute toward getting better medals.
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