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With the help of you fine folks i've made a build and bought the parts from my local microcenter. I originally intended to just get a few things but ended up buying everything in one go (Build Your Own Computer Month), so now i ask you all to see how i did (and see if i need to run back and change some stuff!).

Intel Core I5-3570k - $189.99
AsRock Extreme 4 - $79.99 - $20 Mail in Rebate (50 bucks knocked off with a MoBo CPU bundle)
16 GB Crucial DDR3 1600 - $64.99 (10 bucks knocked off with purchase of Mobo bundle)
2 TB Seagate 3.5" 7200 RPM - $99.99
250 GB Samsung E SSD 840 2.5 SAT - $150.99 (20 bucks knocked off CPU bundle)
Asus Geforce GTX 660 TI 2 GB OC2 - $269.99 (40 bucks knocked off from price matching Amazon.com)
Corsair Carbide Series 300R - $74.99 - $10 Mail in Rebates (Liked the 300Rs look better)
Corsair 600w CXMOD 80+ Bronze ATX P - $79.99 - $20 Mail in Rebate
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $29.99
Win 8 Full - $99.99
2 Extra 120 MM fans for the case - $3.99 each

$1249.41 after tax

I originally intended to get the Corsair 200R which was cheaper but i didnt quite like the look of it. And i was gonna get a Neo Eco Antec 520w but they didnt have one so i just got the Corsair for a bit more money. Modular cuz i thought for an extra 5 bucks it's kinda nifty. Paid an extra 40-50 bucks after rebates come in, but i really wanted to get it all done in one swoop.

Such a shame that the I7 wasnt involved on the 50 bucks off bundle deal. The 3770k was only $229.99 only 40 bucks more, but a difference of $90 from getting the I7 instead of I5 is a bit much.
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  1. good build
    nothing wrong with components as i see it
  2. I built something similar. I picked a few different things, however.

    I went with WD (1tb), as it seems seagate is having some firmware issues with some of their HDDs, and it's hard to tell which one you're getting. -cheaper online

    I went with Samsung Dimm, as it seems to be the best performance Dimm available atm (low volt 30nm 11cas.. should have a look) , and it was $54 for 2x4gb. (they have this at microcenter)

    I went with the smaller version of the SSD - same brand, possibly different version of 840 (unsure, really, I got the cheap one) -cheaper online

    I went for the fractal designs r4 as case due to it winning the "quite case" award. It was only $99, and that was microcenter.

    I went for the slightly cheaper Sapphire 7870xt r/t it benchmarking higher than the 660ti, having better OC ability, and being $40 cheaper. (it's a dumbed down 7970, not a ramped up 7870, should take a look) -only instock at newegg

    I got the seasonic g550 PSU, as it is continually reviewed high for it's pricepoint (just over what the price of the CX is, and apparently the CX isn't the best quality PSU). -only instock at newegg

    My cost after tax was 1098.77 and I got $25 in rebates(probably won't send in, not worth the headache), and two free games.

    I think your build looks good, but I would seriously consider changing PSU. Can only get on newegg atm, but remember that it powers everything... that's a pretty important piece.

    You can have a look at my build Here
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