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Hello, what power supply requires the Sapphire HD 2400 PRO with 512MB memory?
I have 350W power supply and the card dont run on it.
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  1. A quality power supply will run it. Some power supplies overrate their wattage.


    Will be more than enough.
  2. my supply is ATX-350PNF, i want to be sure if it's the power lacking or the videocard is not working. Or just i'm not plugging the card right? I noticed my old Nvidia Geforce4 MX 440 with AGP8x 128mb has different "number" of pins(separated by 3) while the ATI has pins, separated by 2 or something like that...
    here is my old:

    and my 'new' card:

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  3. if your mb in your pre built uses a nvidia chipset then you have to use a nvidia video card. it an issue with older nvidia chipset.
    if your mb has onboard intel chipset it may be using the onboard chipset as the first video device. if it is install the drivers for the new video card then reboot. when rebooting go inot the bios and set the gpu as the first boot device.
  4. sorry forgot to post my mb and pc specs - nforce2 mb:
    768MB ddr400 ram, AMD Athlon 2200+ 1.8Ghz processor
    So i can only use Nvidia graphics card on this mb and i screwed buying the ATI?
    the fan of the videocard barely spins, i still think its a power issue
  5. online post about the 2400 says it only uses 15w.
    The little Radeon HD 2400 Pro doesn't use much power at all- it draws a maximum of 15W under load so you're fine with a 250W power supply.

    if the card new the gpu fan should be spining fine. if it a used card it may be a doa card.
  6. Do you think it's time for an upgrade?
  7. why not, amdfangirl? The card is used but i dont think its dead. Im pretty sure its the power supply, I will buy 500 or 520W one and will let you know what happen.
  8. Okay, so 520W power supply didnt make the card run. Maybe it's dead. The seller told me its tested and works fine.
  9. Since the new power supply did not resolve the issue and neither graphics card works, I'd be willing to be your AGP graphics card slot on your motherboard failed.

    There is no fixing, only replacing.

    -Wolf sends
  10. Okay, so what motherboard i should get to be compaitlable with this videocard?
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