Very slow to power on?

New build includes asus f2a85-v pro, AMD a10-5800k. I'm reusing a 700w ocz fata1ty. After assembly I can press the power button and notice the system ready light on the motherboard dim slightly and nothing else. No beeps, fans, power supply, nothing. It will take 2-5 minutes befor the system will do anything. Once it comes on it seems to work fine. Why the long delay? Sound like power supply, or motherboard? I don't have a psu tester but have tested it using the "jump start" and it fires up immediately when inserting the paperclip.

Thank you
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  1. Capacitors in motherboard, possibly power supply?
  2. Its the power supply, probably multiple things are going wrong with it at the same time, so your not getting an easily diagnosed problem with it. But a good rule of thumb, since the PSU is usually the first part to go in an older system when building a new system get a new PSU.
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