VESA mount for dell ST2420L?

I'm going to be buying a 55" plasma display and mounting it on my wall. I want my current dell st2420l via a vesa mount underneath it.
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  1. I know you asked this a couple of months ago, but if you're still looking, the only mount adapter I could find for this was from a guy in Canada named Gladiator Joe. He has a webpage though I used his ebay portal. He had 100% rating on nearly 800 orders. I finally got around to ordering it today, I'll find out in a week or two if it works well. With shipping to the US and all it was 33.99 total.

    Good luck, I'll try to remember to reply to this in a few weeks when the adapter comes.
  2. Just thought I'd give an update. The mount adapter arrived today. It fit perfectly. Now have my monitor mounted on a nice swivel arm along with a 20" monitor I got from Dell during the president's day sale.

    The package came with the adapter. some velcro for the cables and four nuts to go on the other end of the VESA mount screws. It didn't come with the screws, so make sure your mount comes with them. Luckily I had some with my mount, can't say for sure what size they are.

    I will say you should remember to mount the adapter to your VESA mount with the heads of the screws facing the monitor. Otherwise the end poke through and will rub the back of your monitor.
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