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AMD Crossfire

I'm considering buying a new Graphics card and Crossfireing it to my current AMD 6870. Do I have to have another 6870 to Crossfire it to, or can it be anything from the 6000 series, or can it even be from a higher series like 7000 series?
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  1. It has to be another 6870. I believe you can even tri-fire and even quad-fire the 6870.
  2. Read:

    The only time I know of was (I believe) the 5770 and the 6770 could be crossfired together. This was ONLY because they had the same core. The 6770 was a rebranded 5770.

    So say, On Nvidia side, If you wanted to SLI (Crossfire) cards, a GK104 chip can only go with a GK104 chip. Which Is usually always the same card.

    6870s can only go with 6870s. 580s can only go with 580s, etc.

    Unless of course they have the same chips. This is what I've Always read anyway

  3. I have run a 6950 and 6970 in crossfire. Granted they are, or were basically the same card (reference design).
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    it has to be a 6850 or 6870. AMD has a crossfire compatabilty chart if you look for it.
    good luck with microstutter.
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