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Hi, i am planning on building my first ever desktop pc, note i didnt have a desktop prior to this so i am completely new to EVERYTHING! and i really need all the help i can get, i was doing some research and came accross something called ESD, and to be completely honest this is scaring me ... alot!
After reading people talking about how they did it to their motherboards i am just really worried about the possibility of spending loads of money on a motherboard and then afterwards just frying the thing, i am not willing to do that.

So the poi t of this is to look for any advice, guides, tips or tricks on how you guys avoid it, and how to keep yourself grounded which is 100 percent workable and a full detailed guide and instructions on what i should do to keep myself grounded when building, thanks
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  1. If your on a budget. TigerDirect sells factory refurbished desktops for a lot less and you won't have to put it together.
    Or you can google build my own pc and find companies that will put all the components you choose together for you. But if you do like to start messing around inside of your desktop...motherboards are usually under $200 lol. You can just have a company put in the motherboard, cpu and cpu cooler in a case of your choosing and you can install the rest. Thats what I do. Research barebone desktops. you may find something you like and add you final touch to it. newegg and tigerdirect would be where I'd start
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