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HDMI gives BLANKSCREEN, VGA works fine.

December 21, 2012 6:59:28 AM

Hi, my name is Roger. I'm a professional software tester and have problems with installing my new monitor.

For Chrismas i got my self a (new) nice large monitor, it's a samsung. With this monitor i also payed for a special 'HDMI' cable. It wasn't included with the monitor it self.
With the monitor there was only a very cheap vga cable. You know the small flexible cables that will wind it self up, while looking at it. So i want my brand new monitor to work with the HDMI cable. And my old monitor to work with a normal (with shielding) VGA cable and connector.

The gear:

- Monitor = Samsung 24" - S24B350H (hdmi and analog)
- Motherboard with onboard graphics card: A75A-G55 (AMD chipset with saying: `Dual Graphics Ready` on the box !)
- Graphic card: AMD Radeon HD 6530D (With HDMI, VGA and VGA Sub-D)

Last but not least:
The crap where it has to work with: "Windows 7" (Because of my job) :-(

What happend so far:

(1) First i connected the HDMI and power everything on. (Everything connected first, then startup/boot !)
Nothing happend, my monitor was switching between "Analog" and "HDMI" and didn't find a signal. (Blankscreen)

(2) Then i connected the VGA and i got a picture, so i could install a driver because i could see something. When i install the driver i see two graphic cards, with the same name only a number in front of it. (1 and 2) If i install the driver i have to select my monitor out a list with two times my monitor in it. One for "Analog" and on for "HDMI".
The drivers is installed with a "Autorun" program that does all the things for you, like thinking. So if you click on this program AFTER installing a driver it ONLY can REMOVE your driver, and your not able to install a second driver for "Analog". But that isn't the problem but just very bad software design. Just like having to install a driver while having a blankscreen. Just like clicking on "Apply this settings" on a 2th screen that's blank.

So, i installed a driver: "S24B350H (HDMI)" on graphic cards "1. AMD Radeon HD 6530D".
Installing a second driver: "S24B350H (Analog)" on graphic cards "2. AMD Radeon HD 6530D", wasn't posible because of crappy software.
It only could remove the first one, because the developer tought it would be a great `feature`.

i rebooted the system and nothing happend.

(3) Then i connected the VGA and the HDMI and start removing / installing driver / rebooting. And got the HDMI working ! (Hurray)
So i know for SHURE that my screen actually works on HDMI. But i also have my old screen for on the VGA. This screen is a 17" Dell generic pnp-monitor, that can handle like: 1200x1000 (or something in that range)

(4) I connected my DELL on the VGA and rebooted. I saw my pc boot on the DELL, and windows started up but the HDMI screen was BLANK.
- for some reason microcrap want's to AUTOMATICLY DETECT monitors, so it detected the new DELL as monitor (1) and the HDMI monitor that didn't work as (2).
- And i had installed the HDMI driver on 1 and not on 2.

(5) Remove driver / install driver / did the microsoft dance for good luck / reboot wincrap / And repeated 3 times for charm.
- Nothing happend. VGA works great, HDMI no signal.

(6) If i got to the also great software product: "AMD Vision Engine Control Center" (Awesome name: i'm really impresed by it) i will see a: DIGITAL monitor that is correct ! So, the maximum resolution is also the actual maximum resolution. But if i see my ANALOG monitor than it will say: Maximum resulution = 1600x1200 (or something) but my DELL doesn't handle this offcourse. So i de-select a checkbox and set the maximum resolution to the actual values. (1200x....)

- So repeated the microsoft mantra, at number 5.
(Reboot/Prayer/Waiting/Remove driver/Reboot Crap/Prayer/Waiting/Installing Driver/Reboot/Little Dance/Wait/Logon and hari-krisna: NOTHING !)
And repeated that at least 3 times. (Learned from bill gates when he was showing of Windows95)


So, i have a (to-big-to-work-with) monitor with a 60hz image that work's with a normal analog signal, and payed around $700 in tatal for. (complete system)
I have crappy software from: Microcrap (Windows7) and "AMD" on the same time. So i can adjust things in windows and in the AMD thing.
I don't know what the reason for that is, or where i have to change something now.

I know for shure: IT'S NOT THE HARDWARE !

So, Question: "Where is my driver and how can i install it by hand",
and: "DO i need the crap from AMD? Like program for multiple monitor's or control vision expert bla bla things?"
how do i remove all this crap and 'make' it by hand or isn't that possible anymore in Windows7.

Long time ago, you had to copy a *.sys or *.dll to -> %windir%\system32\ <-- (remove hardware in list, reboot and he will auto detect and your ready)

Roger Keulen.


Note to my self: "Get your self a bootable USB stick with Linux on it, and find a other job !"

@TomsHardware -> If i create a user with a "." in the name i get the text: "error" (Thanx for typing in that string)
@TomsHardware -> If i try to change this text (not quick edit) i get a message: "You are not allowed to edit this message! "

(In the future `nothing`will work and `null/nill`will be a problem !)