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Do I need to format my C: Drive?

Hey everyone, here's my question. I am building a PC for the first time, and I am taking a WD1200 Caviar from an old computer with Windows XP. For my new computer, I will be buying Windows 8 OEM. I have read that it is important to start fresh, otherwise problems happen and it becomes a head ache, so my question is, do I format it now, while still in my windows xp computer, and if so, how? (( Do not still know where my XP disk is. )) or should I wait till I have my new computer and hook it up, and format then, again if so, how do I do that, and will the pc launch with the hard drive if it is formated for Windows XP?

Thanks for any help guys, it's already becomeing a headache for me.
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    You can format it when you go to install windows on the new computer. After booting from the disc you will get an option to format partitions. Just set boot priority in bios for optical drive. Hit next a few times to be asked where to install it and then format will be in the lower left.
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  3. Thank you, the most I could find anywhere else was just everyone saying to format, but not how to do it specifically.
  4. You're welcome. Good luck with your first build!
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