Geforce GTX 660 w/ DirectCU II question (broken?)

I'm building a PC with an Asus Geforce GTX 660 video card. I'm pretty sure the Part of the Direct CU II cooler that houses the dual fans is broken. There is nothing fastening the piece to the heat sink on the card. The entire plastic (?) housing comes off the main heat sink. There doesn't seem to be anything there to fasten it on. I do see 4 small posts, but they appear to be broken off. I can't really tell for sure.

The good news is that the card works and temps seem to be holding steady. I have the fan housing secured to the card with a rubber band. Not sure how long that will last.

Do I have a broken card? Is securing the Fan housing to the heat sink with a rubber band sufficient enough to get by.
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  1. Provided you don't move the machine often - the rubber band should do the trick. The way a heatsink works; all a fan does, is it 'expels' the heat out of the metal. Therfore, they don't necessarily have to be in contact.
    Was the card purchased recently? If so, why not replace the card?

    Either way - you should be fine with a handy rubber band provided your temps are stable ;)
  2. Yes I just bought it.. it's been a while since I purchased a video card, so this thing is a whole different beast than what I'm used to. I wasn't sure if the fan housing was like this by design or just broke.
  3. What would ASUS be thinking with a fan housing that could fall off? ;)
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