Can I Crossfire the Sapphire HD 6850 and XFX HD 6850?

I have a Sapphire HD 6850 and want to buy another one and put them in crossfire, trouble is I can't find a Sapphire version. I have found an XFX HD 6850, my question is, can they be put in crossfire and would I notice an increase on my FPS during gameplay?
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  1. Yes you can Xfire them. The increase is dependent on the game. Some games scale great, Some well, and some not at all. Very few are even worse. (This is generaly older games and most have been patched in some way)

  2. Thanks for the answer :), do both cards have the same performance?
  3. "What happens if the cards have different speed?
    For ATI/AMD cards;
    One of the cards will raise/lower its clock speeds to reach the other card's speeds."

    "What about brands ?
    Brands don't matter.It's however recommended that the cards have the same amount of memory and speed."

    If you really want my opinion, It would nice to have a store link for both =D
  4. Actually, Now that I think about it. Both card should have the relative same performance and Down/Up Clock themselves as needed

    If its a 1GB card, Make sure the other is a 1GB. If one is GDDR5, make sure the other is GDDR5.

    Other than that you should be good to go.

    Of course make sure your PSU can handle SLI/Crossfire Configs. The Standard Questions. Dont wanna come back on here sad and wondering why your PSU is burnt =p
  5. This is the one I want to buy

    The card I have now is the Sapphire 11180-00-20R HD6850 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

    They discontinued it from Amazon so can't find the link.
  6. You should be good then. And yeah, I could not find it either =/
  7. Would I still get the same performance using the XFX and Radeon rather than using two Sapphire HD 6850's?
  8. Gpu set up look like this. 1x gpu=x16; 2x gpu=x16+x16=(x32); 3x gpu=x16+x8+x8=(x32); 4x gpu=x16+x8+x4+x4=(x32). so 2xgpu=4xgpu.
    So insert gpus in x16slots then crossfire them.
  9. Bingo! ^
  10. @hytecgowthaman - My mobo has 2 X16 slots, I went expensive knowing I could crossfire at X16 speed.

    @simmons33, please answer my previous question :).
  11. I should have asked in my previous question, does the XFX model have the same performance as the Sapphire model.
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