Getting very confused

Firstly hello all good people , I am a gamer and that's primarily what I use my pc for 90 % of the time .

I am upgrading and decided to get inno gtx670 herculez , i5-3570k, p8z77-v pro.

now confusion starts after few beers and hours of reading reviews im not so sure

now im thinking asus ROG board that has Rog exchange ( im a noob this is perfect for me ) so what is the best ROG board ? ( I currently have max formular 111 )

and should I forget the i5-3570 and get the i7-3770k ?

money is not a real concern just performance and ease of use
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  1. Ok thanks for your advice , I already run corsair liquid cooler so that's covered , I will compare both mf boards and see which

    better suits my needs but I really like the Rog exchange how you can view ,download someone else's proven overclock perfect for novice user such as my self
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