HDMI doesn't fill entire screen.


Whenever I connect my monitor to my graphics card with my HDMI cable, it doesn't fill the entire screen the moment in enters windows. I own a Samsung S24B370HS - 24 Inch LED Monitor and a gigabyte HD7870 in case you need the information.

Any ideas on how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I assume you've already tried changing the resolution? On certain monitors - there are settings to change the 'fill mode' (at least on my dell u2711 haha) - the amount of screen the image occupies. Have a tinker around; see if your monitor has something like that.
  2. Thanks I managed to fix it. Problem now is the quality of the image isn't looking good in windows and in games. It doesn't look as sharp as it did with VGA and text etc. looks fuzzy. Any help?
  3. Perfect, thanks
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