What can be done to upgrade this mITX build?

I am going to be building my friend a budget gaming pc... His budget it around 450 and he wants a mITX form factor... This is what I have so far...


What can be done to upgrade without going over budget?


Also, I may not buy that GPU... I might sell him the GTX550ti I am using because I am definately needing an upgrade... But it does however play BF3 at 40 FPS on ulta (1600x900 display though)
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  1. If you use a green drive as a boot drive, be sure to go to Control Panel - Hardware and sound - power options - edit plan settings - change advanced power settings and be sure it is set to 'turn off hard drive': never. Green drives have a habit of sometimes going into sleep mode if not disabled.

    One upgrade might be to consider a inexpensive, small (30GB - 64GB) SSD to use as a cache drive to the HDD using Intel Smart Response Technology. I have a 64GB caching my HDD and I can't tell the difference from when I had the SSD as my boot drive C: And it is really simple to setup.
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