Ati mobility radeon x1900

My ati mobility radeon x1900 with 256mb gddr3 Died what to replace it with
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  1. Is it on a card or built into the motherboard?
  2. Its not as simple as you think, there are two ways Gpu`s are put into laptops since you say it is mobility, then were talking about a laptop.
    In any case some chips are soldered directly on to the motherboard of the laptop, so if it breaks it means you have to buy a new laptop. High end gaming laptops ect use a card slot for the graphics solution where it can be plugged in this allows you to upgrade at a later date to a better solution avoiding the problem of a Gpu soldered onto the motherboard, and a better option by far. You will have to do some work and find this out by opening the covers on the back side of the laptop. If its the first case then its time to buy a new laptop sorry to say.
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