Graphic Card for AsRock x79 Extreme 9 under $300

I need a graphic card for my new build: AsRock x79 Extreme 9, Intel i7 3820 quad core 3.6GHz, Kingston Hyper X Beast 16GB (4x4GB) 2400MHz, I will only be using one monitor and I want a card with at least 2GB. The support list shows a number of cards but I was wondering is anything else can work, budget is within $300.

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  1. BigMack70 said:
    Interesting choice to spend less on your GPU than your motherboard...

    Anyways, at $300, your best option is the 7950 or 660ti - take your pick. I'd recommend the 7950.

    Thanks BigMack, any specific brands?
  2. Thanks alot I'll go for the 7950, I've been stuck all morning trying to decide.
  3. You're welcome.
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