Is this rig good in terms of value for my money and future gaming?

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I was looking around for hardware in order to build my first gaming rig when I stumbled across this prebuilt rig ( ). And I´m wondering if this rig would play todays games and future games (like 2-3years ahead)at max settings at 1920x1080 resolution. I know it´s better and cheaper to build your own rig but I checked out the price of all the components and how much it would set me back in terms of money if I were to build it myself and I found, to my surprise, that it was cheaper to buy it prebuilt.The games I play the most are fps games (CoD,BF,Crysis) and games like World of Warcraft, Diablo.
Would this rig be a good buy for my needs? I´d like the rig to last me a couple of years before I had to uppgrade in order to atleast play most games at medium/high. If it´s overkill for me then I also found these computers : and Which would suit my needs the best, in your opinion?:)

(I´m running a ati radeon 5570(stock) and an I7 860 quad core at the moment, if someone is wondering)

Thanks alot in advance!

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