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My hp 2509m flickers at start up and sometimes doesn't stop for a while. I have Windows 7. I tried adjusting the resolution but it looks terrible and doesn't fill the screen.
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  1. you need your graphics driver since its most likely is using the default windows vga driver. rightclick on my computer and hit mange, then click device manager and look for display adapter. it will most likely have a yellow exclamation point next to it as well as any other missing drivers. if you know what graphics card is in there go to the manufacturer website and download it or go into properties under the vga device and go to details then scroll to hardware details and copy the top line into google and you should find a driver if it is in fact missing. after you install he go into the resolution setting and hit detect display i believe and it should find the correct res settings
  2. what resolution are you running?
  3. 1920x1080. I installed the driver but it didn't change anything. It shows my display adapter is an ATI Radeon hd 5670.
  4. did you try the in the resolution setting detecting the display? also did you restart after the update?

    it could be a failing card but that wouldnt cause low resolution. i usually see your problem after a fresh install and no drivers but doing what i said fixes it
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