Gtx 560 ti on far cry 3

hey guys,
this is what i get while playing far cry 3 on its optimal setting for my gpu ;

Iv'e got this problem with all heavy games. it just keep on overheating and the gpu usage go up to 99% even when the game is minimized. I tried anything - cleaning it, most new drivers, take of the case cover,my psu is 600W. well,that helped, but its the cold part of the year and it rises to 90C. I dont want to thing what will happen in summer. and ive got 17" screen.......
can anyone help? any solutions? should I really put the settings on low/medium with this graphic card? :(
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  1. Well your screenshot shows 89c if this is the case it's quite hot but not too hot. if it is 99c like in your post what temp is your room? also how many case fans do you have?

  2. hello,thanks for the answer.
    my roop temp is quit cold. its winter over here and i would say somthing about 18..
    I have 3 case fans all of them next to the graphic card bc it keeps on getting hot.
    its 89C when it minimized on optimal settings + its quite cold in here..
  3. lower your game settings. the card can't keep up with the demands.......... also, the 560 was just another under powered extremely hot card to begin with....... something nvidia still has problems with.
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