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i man planning to buy 3d monitor shall i go for lg cinema 3d
or suggest me any good one. and also tell me the difference between radeon 3d and nvidia 3d and this cinema 3d
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  1. The LG cinema displays are passive. This means you get half the resolution as active displays. It should be compatible with AMD, but you may want to make sure, but I'm pretty certain the passive cinema displays are AMD compatible.

    Nvidia has their own standard for 3D, called 3D Vision. It has been out longer and has more support. I personally would not use anything but Nvidia 3D Vision, if nothing other than the fact that there is a modding community that has fixed a lot of games that don't normally support 3D Vision.

    Here is the site: http://helixmod.wikispot.org/gamelist

    With this site, there are a lot of games that are great in 3D, without it, it is a lot harder to find games to play in 3D.
  2. u mean that if i have amd graphic card its best to go for this monitor. if have nvidia graphiccard i have to go for 120hz monitor amd buy 3d vision kit
  3. If you have an AMD processor, I'd probably recommend going with Samsung's 700, 750 or 950 HD3D monitors (make sure it is a 120hz monitor, I think I've seen 750's that weren't, and some are).

    That said, I'd recommend going Nvidia 3D Vision, for added support from the mod community and generally better experience.
  4. i have amd fx 8120 processor corsair 300r cabin amd asus m5a 97 r2.0 mobo and planning to take nvidia gtx 660 ti as mobo is crossfire one should i go for radeon or buy nvidia coz' radeon dosent have 3d vision and physx , dx11(telesllation etc..)
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