MSI R6450 Issues

I'm having issues with a MSI R6450 video card. The card installed and updated just fine and runs like a champ, but since the install, I've had what looks like interference snow show over top of everything. Its not artifacts, but very small particles. Its black and white, but only really shows on dark background. I've searched hours for a fix to no avail.
System Specs are as follows:
Windows Vista SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo e7500 @ 2.93 GHz
3 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Ram
Dell 07N90W Motherboard
400W PSU

If you need anything else to help me out, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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  1. make sure your video cable is securely fastened to your monitor and graphics
  2. Have the same card doing the same thing but only on the DSUB/VGA connection. On DVI there is no "snow" so I suspect there's a problem with the ribbon cable for the VGA port.
  3. Hi,

    Have you tested different resolution, your monitor might have problems with different resolution.

    You card could also be defective, I would inquire for RMA with msi
  4. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the quick responses. I've checked the connections to make sure they were tight, those were good, and tried every resolution. Still snow. I wondered if it wasn't the VGA connection too, but I don't have an adapter. So I'll try and pick one up here in the next day or two. If that doesn't work then yeah, I'll be contacting MSi. Thanks again, guys.
  5. Well after doing some research, I found that the R6450 is a DVI-D and they do not make a DVI-D to VGA adapter, that would require a converter that ranges from $100 to $200. So I think I'll just contact MSi. Thanks for the help, fellas.
  6. If MSI gives you the run around you could try a HDMI to VGA adapter, they're about $20 on Amazon.
  7. Yeah I called MSi last night, and they said that since the "snow" does not appear in BIOS that its an issue with my system and not their card. They said its probably the driver for the integrated video card. I've tried drive sweeper to find and clear it out, even though BIOS should automatically disable the drivers for it. I'm going to order that HDMI/VGA cable here soon, and we'll go from there. Thanks again for the help.
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