Why does my pc keep crashing crashing?

about 1-2 times per day my pc crashes, i cant click anything i cant do anything with the keyboard or anything like that. no blue screen of death comes up, it just stops for no apparent reason. there is no warning to the stop and after it stops i cant do anything.

it usually happens when im not running very incentive applications so im sure its not a power supply issue. honestly i dont know why its happening can someone suggest a fix for it? Currently i am fixing the problem by holding the power button for ten seconds and then turning it back on....

my pc specs in signature
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  1. Run virus software? If that doesn't work System restore to a date before it started happening. If that doesn't work, reinstall windows.
  2. no viruses, i have avast and before that AVG crashes have been happening since i first got the pc (near about) on the 1st of jan 2013 therefore cant system restore.

    could be windows...

    is there a logging program simmilar to task mamager that will shows me what the PC is doing at the time of crash, i can have open on my 2nd monitor so when it crashes i will be able to see the fault?

    if such program exists whats it called
  3. what version of windows?
  4. My custom PC was doing this to and I eventually found out it was my 24 pin connector from my PSU to my motherboard. It is really fiddly so I just had to adjust it a little and everything turned on and worked with out crashes. Try that, maybe you have the same problem i dunno...
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