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I am buying this Mobo and the Rosewill Thor V2 case. my question is what do I need to hook the 4x 3 pin fans into the 4x 4 pin optional fan connectors on my mobo. There are 2x 3pin assist fan connectors which I intended on using for the two fans I add on later.

up top I said 4x 4 pin fans into the 4x3 pin connectors,, one of those actually needs to be a chassis fan , which plug do I need for that???
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  1. you can just plug a 3 pin connector into a 4 pin header . The 4th pin is to control the speed , so without it the FANs will just run at full speed and not respond to temperature
  2. Simple enu. sorry to waist space one here lol!
  3. The 4th pin is actually to manage a fan via PWM, which is different than voltage control. A 3 pin fan is still capable of slowing down or speeding up by the system. It does it by lowering voltage of the fan from 12v down, where as a PWM fan works with a constant 12v source and a separate control voltage (usually under a volt) on the 4th wire that helps the fan determine the speed.

    It will depend on the MB, but many 3 pin fans can be controlled for speed.
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