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Ok so to start I'm not even sure I'm in the right place but i need any help i can get. and its kinda long but here it goes. For about a week now my laptop (windows 7 64-bit built in) has been making my home wireless network go crazy. I've had my laptop for a little over a year and it just started doing this now. for starters the network works fine until i turn on my laptop(don't even have to sign it on). as soon as i turn it on and it boots it makes my router go crazy. all the lights instantly go off except for the port 1 light and i lose internet on everything (even the wired desktop computer) and as long as i leave it on it will stop the internet from working at all. The router turns back on momentarily (power light flashes on and then all lights flash then they all go off and it repeats) while simultaneously my wireless on my laptop says identifying, then it says it connected for about 3 seconds and then connected but no internet access only a moment later. that's when the light on the router go crazy and it loads the network again back to identifying and repeats this cycle until eventually it just doesn't even show my home network as an available connection. I almost positive I've narrowed it down to my laptop because as long as it stays off everything else on the network get the internet( desktop computer, wii, etc). HOWEVER my computer does work if i load it in safe mode with networking as well as on my college's network (which is public to students only)and I'm assuming other networks.. i have had a virus on this computer before but used system restore to get rid of it(at the time the internet still worked). then randomly one day it does this. if the virus has something to do with this is there a free program to get rid of this problem? i would restore to factory settings but I'd rather not because then i have to call McAfee to get it reinstalled on here plus put all of my pictures on a flash drive, etc(this is a last option). please help i desperately need the internet for my school work. MUCH APPRECIATED!
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  1. You say when you boot into safe mode the internet works. Does the weird networking issue with your router happen when you boot into safe mode still? If not you should check your device manager under network adapters and see if only one wireless adapter is listed, uninstall the driver and try either an updated one or old one.

    You try can use malwarebytes to scan your system for any malware.
  2. no in safe mode the router acts normally....which i don't get..... i scanned my computer with malewarebytes and it found nothing....... there are two under network adapter my broadcom one and realtek PCIe FE family controller (being the non-wireless one im assuming) i downloaded a newer version of the wireless driver(the broadcom one) and it seems to be working for now(well not really newer cause it said the one i had originally was from 9/1/2010 and the one i downloaded was from 3/22/2010 but i digress)....but i won't hold my breath...for some reason other times i've had it work for a few hours at a time( not in safe mode-failed to mention that in first post sorry) but then it does the same i hope the new driver fixed the problem... i will re-post if it happens again. Thank you for all your help!!
  3. scratch the last post about it working...cause its at it again...not even 20 minutes later....i have notices it acts different now will says its connected for about 10 seconds..then say connected with no internet access for about 30 sec and then re-identifies the network again and repeats but not as often (where before it would do it without even connecting with internet access until it just stops broadcasting the SSID at all) something new happens though..... when i make my computer sleep it makes everything on the network disconnect for a split second...... but then it all comes back......yet in safe mode(like i am now) it works just fine on my it really my computer or the router just going out? also its a router/modem combo from the cable company if that helps. plus i heard the people can hack your network to have it go all this is whats happening?or is my computer just messed up? i don't know what to do because i rely on the internet for school work, an although i can use their network (which my computer connects and stays connected to just fine) it's tedious to go down there every time i get online work.... please help I'm getting desperate! :'(
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