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Ok, so I have a Gigabyte Z68 board, Core i3-2100 and 16GB RAM. Not at all shabby (Seagate 7200 Primary HDD). Sometimes it gets downright weird on me, slow load times, slow response time and iTunes takes up to a minute to load.

Question, is there actually good diag software that actually works, like CCleaner or one of those types? I'm fairly savvy and can distinguish what and what not to delete, but I need something to help 'optimize' and then make speed suggestions.
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  1. Hi :) my computer shops we REMOVE all those programs like CC , REG CLEAN, REG OPTIMIZER ETC ETC ETC...

    They are ALL junk that do more harm than good...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I agree with removing all of the reg optimizer type programs as they are more trouble than they are worth. CCleaner has its uses though if you are concerned about privacy but don't expect it to speed up the computer much. I personally reformat and reinstall Windows every couple of years because of the slow down. If you want to try and speed it up a bit look very carefully at your startup items with MSCONFIG and see which you can get rid of, and look at your program files and remove any that you don't use.
  3. CCleaner is an excellent program. Especially if you have an SSD and need to clean junk files because of space considerations. Pjmelect is correct in that reinstalling every few years is a good idea for max speed. Nothing like a nice fresh install.

    Short of a fresh install I do these things. Uninstall any unused programs. Run CCleaner to clean up the drive. Run an aftermarket defrag program like Auslogics. It's free and it has an option to defrag and optimize that will move system files to the faster part of your hard drive. DO NOT run this if you have an SSD! Never defrag an SSD. You did not mention one but I still felt compelled to mention it just to be sure.

    5 Star CNet review.
  4. Yeah, I do the religious reinstalls also, but this rig has only been up since November, so I didn't expect this so soon, especially with an i3 (my Q8200 seemed faster). I'll give the recommendations a try and see how she rolls :)

    Thanks all!!
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    try glary utilities the free on find thing that cc do not see
  6. I like registry Mechanic also.. install clean and then remove.. Works really well in conjunction with CCleaner.
  7. scout_03 said:
    try glary utilities the free on find thing that cc do not see

    I just downloaded that and it's got some great tools. Nice find.
  8. that is only one of the free software i use that are helpfull
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